Kiyan1159 t1_iu6kdvb wrote

A few options.

Dremel tool through the screw

Hammer and rod to push it through

Another screw, in the screw, but with a counter spin and a wing nut. Only works if you can get a small enough counter screw that won't break.

If a portion of the screw is grippable, try some rubber to increase friction and surface area and a wrench of some kind. Or your hand, that would work too.


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Here's the issue with fusion, shielding.

It takes 10 feet of steel, concrete and glass to keep fusion radiation contained. And due to the nature of the radiation released by fusion, it transmutes matter. Actually turning lead into gold kinda thing, except it's more like getting Thanos snapped.

Fission is just the only viable energy for a sustainable future. Fusion would be absolutely baller, if it didn't kill fucking everything.

Edit: seeing as I'm getting down voted, I'll add more(here only because mobile won't load the replies I've gotten)

I'm talking about the neutron radiation from fusion reactions. It's incredibly dangerous and Kyle Hill even made a video on it if you're looking for more information. I believe it was the world's heaviest door video.