Klaus0225 t1_j9ngn9z wrote

Since we can’t know if the cat is constipated or not without an autopsy, the cat is both constipated and not constipated. Since the state of constipation cannot be verified then we should not use the term when describing the cat, whether it be constipated or not constipated.


Klaus0225 t1_j6jokn5 wrote

> I personally would appreciate it more if it’s actual news

This implies you don’t believe it’s news.

Then saying:

> perhaps we can technically classify it as such

You said “perhaps” which means “maybe” so you’re still not calling it news.

So no, you did not say it was news in your comment.


Klaus0225 t1_j6eyphg wrote

You’re thinking all news needs to be on a level of international interest to be actual news? You don’t seem to know what news actually is… This is news. Whether it’s news you care about or not is a different story. But it’s still news. The little things make a big difference in how people see the world.

These stories are good for the mind. If you don’t like, keep scrolling. Don’t try and diminish the value this positivity, big and small, brings to people.