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We have two young Clumbers, one (22mths) loves staying outside and does the typical Clumber Spaniel thing of ignoring the shit out of you. The young one (4mths) actually listens, so she makes sure the older one does as well by licking her mouth and 'asking' her to follow. It's brilliant, dogs have so much to offer.


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They're essentially a service company now. Primarily supporting other businesses with complex information technology problems. The fact that you don't know them is part of their success, they switched entirely to B2B, where they do have consumer facing functions they're usually badged with a different name or in the shape of joint-ventures.


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Right, this is a question that has been driving me nuts... What is this sort of chart called and how can I make one to visualise the time me and my team spend on different areas?


What I would like to do is have a centre point with the total available weekly hours of the team, the individual team members on the left and the tasks we carry out on the right... I've got the data, I just don't have a tool to make this sort of chart (I think!) nor the knowledge of the name, so I can't Google it either! Any help more than welcome.