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Great question! I wrote my college thesis on this!

Kierkegaard saw the absurd(the inherently ridiculous relationship between the ambivalence of the universe and humanity's desire to find meaning) and thought that faith(in god specifically) was a way to reconcile these opposing ideas.

Camus on the other hand feels that faith is a sort of "easy way out"(grossly oversimplifying) and that in his mind, the best way to approach the absurd is with a full throated utter and complete acceptance of it. Face the absurdity with your head held high and laugh in its face, and then just try and be a good person. Realize that we're all in this together and really other people is what we have to make it all worth it.

Happy to answer other questions on this topic! Hope it helps!


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>I didn't want to get into details, but main issue is thas a history of getting very physical with people around her at parties and hangouts. Yes, even girls who have partners who are present.

Without details I don't know what this means. Does she hug people? Does she grab people genitals?

I hug and touch all sorts of people at parties, yes, even with my girlfriend present. You continue to be really cagey with details and without those details it's impossible to determine how reasonable this all is.


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> I think there's a risk she'll be handsy with me, groping etc

So...maybe stand a little further away? Or when you meet say you're getting over a cold and you don't want to hug? There are dozens of options here other than judging this woman who you don't know. Smile and say "Hi, nice to meet you!" and go from there.

>which is something that she does at group parties, and yes, even with other people's partners.

You've seen this happen? With your own eyes? What does handsy mean? I hug/touch other women at parties besides my partner. Am I being handsy? I guess I just don't understand what you mean.

This is just one of those things when you're an adult that you're going to have to do once in a while, and who knows, maybe you'll get along really well.

Somehow I don't think this woman is going to grab your boobs at a party or whatever. I think you'll be fine.


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> Would it bother you less if your partner said "I've met them, and I just can't stand them and don't want to be around them."

Yes. Of course. Obviously. Because this shows that they made an effort to try and see who this person is before judging them unfairly.

>but what if instead it makes everything more difficult?)

You still haven't actually explained why you think that someone posting skin on instagram somehow precludes someone from being pleasant to chat with. Those two things have literally nothing to do with each other.

You don't need to endorse her social media use to get along with her. That's immature and silly.


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> I mean, I admit that there's chance that I'd like her, but I just don't think it's likely. And if she crossed any boundaries with me, I would be super uncomfortable with them continuing to be friends.

What boundaries do you expect her to cross at a group party?

Look. I get it, you don't have to love everyone, but this whole thing feels really weird and off-putting from you. Just be pleasant and cordial, and if you don't like her then don't hang out, but nothing you're saying here feels reasonable or fair.

This honestly just feels immature. You're going to be at parties with people who aren't your cup of tea at various points throughout your life, and at this point you don't even know this woman isn't your cup of tea. You're pre-judging her without even saying hello. "Attention seeking behavior" doesn't mean anything. I have some truly incredible friends who occasionally post a bikini picture on instagram. That doesn't discount them from being a good person.