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They don’t seem to have this color. This looks like navy ticking sheets? I’ll pay $500 for sheets if I could only find ones similar to my grandmas! Hers were all white or blue ticking but thick as hell cotton percale. Ralph Lauren in the 1990’s and early 2000’s we’re close. Now they’re terrible. I’m at a loss. Not worried about color, but thickness. Everyone recommends X .. I get them -I’m instantly disappointed. Happens every time. If only they would offer swatches! A 2 inch swatch should be able to stand on its own. That thick is what I want. Heck, I might end up making some. I’ve been so disappointed.


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Ok ELI5 please. I sincerely don’t understand why there can’t be a wind driven simple magnetic motor on an EV to recharge batteries understanding that there needs to be a switch and 2 systems of batteries. One charging while other is in use. This inability has been hard for me to grasp.


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That’s way too pretty to eat. I’d be afraid to scoop the first serving. Lol. My favorite dish though! It’s Never served anywhere. I always have to make my own. Mine is clearly not this pretty!


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That’s more easily solved. Aging is caused directly by hormones and their levels. That can be studied better and a supplement to certain hormones can be administered. There are many hormones beyond just testosterone and estrogen. There’s thyroid, adrenal, and blood cell stimulating as a few examples. With optimal supplementation, aging can be slowed tremendously.


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I’m waiting for someone to create a game that subconsciously helps create or improve social skills since gamers tend to be antisocial when not active gaming and only social to other gamers. I often think about how I’d do it.. maybe a VR version of strip poker with social tasks? Or possibly social skills being imbedded into other games to unlock codes and features? I’m not sure of much, but I’m sure that this will become something epic like “the game of life” has been when the right social skills game is created. The need increases every year.


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Historically, have UK monarchy ever had to use their last name? I get that Diana Spencer did have a last name, but does A child born into monarchy have a last name? Did they ever need to use it? Meaning did they ever have to do something outside of their titles? In their full legal name?


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I think 7% would do ok. For 65% I order it. If you do, be careful .. There are some shady companies that ship you a diluted version. A company called lab alley has been reliably consistent. A little more pricey. Otherwise you can find 65% at any hydroponics retailer. It’s used to keep the water flow free of bacteria. This stuff is unbelievably great! It has so many uses. The stronger stuff does work best. If you can get 35% that’s probably equally good if you use 1 cup… 7% I’d use a cup or 2. If you have any clothes with spots etc, you can use the bucket with peroxide on clothes first. It will remove just about any stain you have without harming fabric or color usually. Wet the clothing with the dilution and wash as usual. Stains are gone! Then use dilution for floor. When done, dump dirty water into toilet, it opens drains without harming metal or plastic. It’s also sold as a drain opener. Safe for septic with limited use. I’ve used it for years without damaging anything. Stuff is amazing.


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Once again I am compelled to speak of my most prized product 😆. I splurge on 65% hydrogen peroxide. Always Use gloves. Usually Safe for stone and grout. Disinfects floor as well. Hand scrub floor one time with peroxide diluted 1/2 cup per bucket of water in addition to small amt of your favorite floor cleaner. After that, then mop as needed with your floor cleaner and 1/4 cup 65% peroxide in mop water. If you don’t want to spend on the 65% peroxide, the regular brown jug 3% will work ok if you use much more of it in your bucket. Like an entire bottle or more… way worth the cost. Once dry you should see a very noticeably clean disinfected floor.