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It's amazing that we got such a huge flying brickyard into space. Seeing one in person is literally awe inspiring.
A couple of months ago, I got to see the Endeavor at the California Science Museum. They're building a new display building to have it stand erect, attached to a tank (that they have behind the building now) and boosters. It's going to be configured as "ready for launch" with viewing platforms all up the sides.


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Reply to Milkdromeda. by Acuate187

Just wait. It won't be long before the two actually are colliding.

Better set up your gear now, it's only two billion years in the future.


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Believe me, I understand. Just the other night, my back was in such pain that I had to take an opiate myself. (Half of a low-dose Vicodin, but still...) Pain sucks.

I hate that I had to take one, too. Opiates are one thing my daughter and I choose to avoid as much as possible. (We also lost her brother to them.)


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Yes, I can understand that. When absolutely nothing else works, they can be a miracle.
But they are very risky. Be careful with them, and make sure your doctor keeps an eye on your blood chemistry. That was my wife's situation, she never took any more than prescribed yet they still built up to a fatal level in her body.

I can't stress this enough - if you are on potentially fatal medications, make sure your doctor is staying on top of your labwork. Twice a year at least.