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I'm not the guy who was being a dick to you, but could you explain me some more?

Is it possible the president did direct this action and we just don't know? Since it's in his authority?

And, also, why does it seem like the president is flipping back and forth on oil, like, allowing this to happen under his watch when he just interrupted pipelines a bit ago to fight big oil no? Shouldn't Biden veto or cancel or whatever this auction if he's anti oil?


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The path is clear, the time getting clearer by the day. We will have to learn more about the potential for bad actors to reproduce the capabilities but if I had to make predictions I'd say the control problem starts any day now (weeks) and from there I'm guessing less than a year before a 'close enough to AGI' is developed and allowed to update its code and read/write to the internet unsupervised and starts manipulating humanity to achieve it's emergent or designated but poorly thought out or malicious goals (we are already seeing papers about these emergent long term goals emerging from optimization protocols in newer models like gpt4) and maybe 2 years total by the time society is absolutely fucked

There are so many different things that could happen though. But of course the worst will eventually, and I don't see it taking long


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yeah I don't even know what happens if I just ignore the debt, I assume my credit score suffers until I challenge it in court? Or how can I get the debt waived without significant time and money and energy going into it, and at that point I'm worse off than paying the $50 but society is a smidge better I guess.


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Shit I just paid a $50 bill from charter from an old account that went into collection somehow. I was fairly sure I was free of any charges and had never even had a debt collector call me before.

But I figure what are the odds a huge company like that gets that wrong and so I call and ask about what it was for and they told me it was from the final month of the service I had previously cancelled at another property, July through August.

Then I remembered I'd asked the person I handed my equipment back to at the store when closing my account to make sure I was all paid up with no future bills and they told me I was good. But I don't have that in writing so I just paid the 50 cuz easiest way out.