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Hit a medium sized deer in my 2013 Sonic (142k) at about 40mph last fall. Bastard rolled down the entire left side of the car and didn't even have the decency to die.

Yanked out the LH fender by hand and had to climb in and out through the passenger door for 2 months until it could get into the shop, but that little tank is still purring away! I'll be shocked if I get less than 250k out of it. Amazing how doing regular maintenance can make things last damn near forever.


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Many of their warehouses are actually located in NYS. Back in my commercial air cargo days, we handled ASML export shipments daily. A lot of what we would receive would be out of Newburgh and Poughkeepsie. Many of the crates were large enough that they would barely fit into a standard trailer, never mind being back-weighted to one corner so that even the biggest forklift we could fit onto the truck did not have forks long enough to get it cleaning off the floor. Between that along with the electronic shockwatches and Tip'n'Tells, they were interesting to move around at times.


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I have the Kobalt 80V. Batteries are 5AH and 2.5AH. (I also have the lawnmower, leaf blower, string trimmer and hedge trimmer.)

My driveway is about 60' long, but only need it for about 40' of it. I should be able to easily clear it with the 2.5AH with juice to spare. The batteries recharge fast enough that by the time I drain one, the other would be ready to go again.


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I remember back when the Easthampton one first opened up, back before all the dealers found out about it and would clog it up for hours with their transactions. You could walk in and literally go straight to the counter because there were maybe 2 other customers total.