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So once again, why is that HH responsibility to fix what the legislature of Hartford can’t do? You already failed to answer that when I asked before on why it’s HH’s responsibility to grow fresh fruit for the towns populace among other things you mentioned.

Your laughable solution is only geared towards the employees. Wouldn’t do anything about visitors and patients who also need a massive amount of parking spots.

Not to mention how does charging employees to park out of an extra stipend solve the perceived problem you have of there’s too much parking? Nearly all employees will still continue to commute because lack of buses (especially for 2nd and 3rd shifters) or the convenience of having a car where you can do other errands after work, not waiting for a late bus, etc. You clearly haven’t thought any of this through other than being very passionate about it.

Edit: just read on another post you claim to have went to UConn med…come on man, based on your illogical responses you’ve given to everyone and lack of even the slightest common sense, that’s really hard to believe. Also that a doc would have no problem with making kids on crutches, coming in for various treatments, or temporarily disabled people having to walk half a mile to get to the hospital. Bringing a child to the hospital or even routine treatment is stressful enough; the last thing those parents need is to fight for a parking spot or walk a far distance on the street. That’s a big F You to patients.


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Makes sense I guess that people around complained but it’s kind of one of those things where “what did you think was gonna happen buying a house next to a stadium?!” I have more understanding if they were there before the venue was built I guess.

At least to me it doesn’t seem like there any houses immediately next door and it’s way off from the street so who knows.


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As someone who worked in HH until 2017, there isn’t enough parking right near the hospital to support the massive amount of staff such a huge complex requires, as well as patients/visitors. Several times when I would go into the hospital as a civilian to visit someone, I would have to park maybe 9-10 blocks away. That’s fine for me, but many people can’t do that (patients/people coming in for treatment) or don’t feel safe walking 10 blocks through Hartford at night. And those times weren’t even peak hours.

The whole premise of your argument is wrong. I can’t tell you how many patients I had complained that they either had to sit and wait for someone to leave and hope they got to the spot first or had to walk a half mile or more.


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They did host bigger concerts there for a number of years, I saw Springsteen and Rolling Stones there at two different shows circa 2005 or so. No idea why they stopped because now I don’t think it gets used much outside of a rare event during football offseason, seems like it would be a boon to local economy to get people in for concerts.


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Why is it the hospitals responsibility to provide fresh fruits/veggies to the local community? Or build playgrounds? Or any of the other things you mention? And why would them building a garage even prohibit them from doing that in the first place should they choose to do those things?

Facts are that CT children’s hospital is a massive location: workers need somewhere to park (people work all kinds of shifts and buses don’t run 24 hours), people visiting or patients also need places to park.

Also it’s kind of amusing you bring up the fact that buses in Hartford are always late and then wonder why people don’t like to use them.


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You essentially made the same comment I was going to. Property (especially vacant property) already exists in a lot of our cities where it wouldn’t cost millions to run utilities to because they’re already there.


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A good friend was a middle school PE teacher in CT for about a decade. During one class last fall, two boys began fist fighting. Both had been in trouble for bullying/physical violence incidents constantly. He put himself between the 2 of them and lightly pushed them back with each arm to separate them until the SRO could get there maybe 30 seconds later…and then of course one of the boys told his mom that the PE teacher pushed him in class, completely leaving out the part about himself fighting. Said PE teacher was given the option of resigning before he would be fired despite being defended by the SRO and several parents.

If schools (really, the ineptitude of admin) have reached this level of ridiculousness, who the hell would ever want to be a teacher?


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There’s a 400-odd comment thread on subredditdrama sub that has a lot of details and peoples personal experiences if you want all the gory details.


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Most non-hospital medical facilities are dropping mandatory masking for both staff and patients within the past month or so, especially if they are focused on something like ortho or GI that has nothing to do with Covid or Covid symptoms. The outpatient facility I work at dropped requirement last week.

With urgent cares, you don’t know what people are coming for and a common thing is for serious flu or Covid symptoms. So likely the UC you were at has masking rules for patients but staff rules have been relaxed. They may not even require staff to be masked while interacting with patients anymore and it’s up to personal preference.


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It sucks that the company’s policy is so ridiculously rigid. Perhaps she can call a taxi/Uber, or coworker to give her a ride to avoid the termination? Short term solution but she should look for work elsewhere when possible.


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Case Mountain in Manchester has a lookout spot where you can watch the sun go down in winter when leaves aren’t blocking the last portion. It’s maybe a 10 minute walk to the summit spot from the main parking area.


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Won’t be open for a few more months (warm weather only establishment) but David’s Place is one of my favorite places to eat in the state. Amazing burgers and all their seafood dishes are reasonably priced is fresh compared to typical takeout/diner type places.


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Not really off the beaten path considering it’s very popular but you can camp and fish in Bigelow Hollow state park…not sure if permit is required or not. There’s an AT style open faced shelter or two as well you can hike in to and plenty of hiking trail loops.


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Brother has lived in Manchester since we were kids. For the high property taxes, the school system is absolutely dreadful. Like two of the elementary schools are ok/fine but the middle schools and high school keep getting worse seemingly every year. Another good friend was a PE teacher for a number of years at Illing who moved away last year and one of the reasons for him moving was the constant fist fights and admins refusal to discipline or suspend/excel frequent violent offenders.


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One thing I thought of later/just now is if you don’t already have housing secured, check to see if UConn either has some apartments/condos set aside for out of state faculty moving here or if they have connections to local landlords where you would get a good price. Some employers do that, not sure specifically about UConn but definitely worth looking into.