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I remember 6 years ago seeing a black sedan frequently parked outside MPD headquarters with Punisher stickers, Celtic rune, some other Norse rune, Blue line stickers on it. He also had the ‘I’m a Cop, don’t ticket me’ official bullshit sign on the dash. I was thinking ‘This motherfucker is out here in front of the headquarters just saying it!’


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You can also tell he's never been across the Anacostia River. Anacostia Park is probably 50x larger than Hains Point AND it has a roller rink.

Hains Point is nice as a loop if you run, bike, or fish. But I'd take Anacostia for a picnic.


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After everyone else 'Grow(s) the fuck up'. I'd suggest you learn about benevolent ableism.

Newsflash: Black folks are just as capable as any family to do some walking if they want to use it.