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Admittedly I’ve only seen one episode of sponge bob, he was chasing his pet snail around trying to get him in the bathtub for a bath, I was just thinking to myself “Why does he have to get in the bathtub? You’re underwater. Just grab some soap and shake him around a bit”


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Stingy bastards at Reddit getting rid of the free awards.

It’s fine, I’ll probably be dead after sundown when the hoards of cannabis induced madmen come rampaging through the streets looking for their nightly kills (that’s where the term cannibalism comes from don’t you know) unless of course some brave sheriff steps up to save us all


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There were a shit ton of sheriffs running around Ozark last night. Probably just going to overdose call after overdose call. Internet has been spotty too on account of everybody streaming episodes of sponge bob. Sad really, nobody heeded the warnings now we have this apocalyptic hellscape


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“Well, it looked like I was gonna be stuck here as far as I could tell I thought I might as well suck up, you know what the hell I said, "You know that song that Charlie Daniels did About how you went down to Georgia and played fiddle against that kid" He said, "Yeah it broke my heart but you know what are you gonna do I said, "To tell you the truth I thought your solo was the better of the two"

Ray Wylie Hubbard