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This seems like the most obvious use would be things like paint-on electrical generation for things that only require small amounts of power. So maybe just where you need a glow, or to run a very small sensor?

It's definitely interesting, but still in early/pure science days.


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I guess I see why. If you know there's a main driver, it makes sense to assume there's a reasonable way to address it everywhere - we're kind of conditioned to expect things to scale massively and apply no matter where you are.

It's just that this isn't one of those situations, because the effects are diverse and a single solution wouldn't necessarily apply everywhere.


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We currently have very large sections of land that aren't really being used for agriculture (or are being used for very inefficient ways of growing food) that we could return to local native grassland. We can't solve a huge problem with only one solution, but we can make dents in it (through things like habitat restoration) that will help in combination with changes to our behaviors and upcoming technology.

We can't just plant trees and get out of this if that's all we do. But it'll help. Same as we can't just switch to solar and resolve every problem, even if that will help.


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True, but we're going to need to approach this from multiple angles. There's not one thing we can practically do that will just resolve the problem in a human-ish timescale.

So, yes trees, grassland, and wetlands. But also yes renewable energy, higher efficiency transportation, carbon capture, regulation, and improved agricultural practices.


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I heard someone I used to respect much more say something to the effect that a given "liberal" politician ought to be shot a few years ago, and it fully cemented to be that this is a group that will absolutely engage in and incite violence to get what it wants. Massive effect on my trust in this person and their judgment aside, this person is not actually super political, and isn't one to want to hurt anyone themselves. But they're absolutely someone hearing all this same shit and coming to the conclusion that, well, golly, someone has to do it, for the greater good.

So, there's clearly someone else taking it yet more seriously, and deciding at some point that now's the time for violence, and they're just the one to do it. And that's why I believe in paying attention to this stuff. It's already hurting people, and that's seen as a good thing.