Kreislauf t1_j1pu0qp wrote

what "world order"? So many nations are facing war, civil unrest or an economical collapse, that one must be ignorant af to use that term. Google has the following definition of terrorism:

"the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims."

Ask someone from one of the many countrys, wich the USA (or other imperialist nations) have invaded to establish "order", who they think the biggest terrorists on this planet are. The wrongdoing of one does not justify it for others. "Does that make them terrorists?" - it absolutely does.


Kreislauf t1_j1msttz wrote

a NATO country jailing political critics, threatening all its neighbous with war, blackmailing several european countrys seeking safety, selling advanced NATO weaponry to other war waging countrys and opressing ethnic minorities. ErDOGhans Turkey runs purely on blind nationalism, propaganda and oppresive violence, just like China or Russia.

Edit: Turkey in its current form being in NATO is as much of a joke as the taliban visiting the EU-parlament.