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Nicely explained. I just get apoplectic with rage watching new AV technicians trying to justify mounting an articulated bracket with drywall plugs

"but each is rated to 75lbs I'm using 4 and this all weighs less than 100lbs! I've done it before bro chill out"

I won't chill, you're going to fucking kill a child, do not show up tomorrow if this isn't fixed in the next 30 minutes.


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"sounds, probably, deduct" all make sense when trying to make the most of the info we have but they are just best guesses at the end of the day.

For all we know battles were intricate dances and those that got the moves wrong were the ones killed. It's not likely but there's a lot of established history we just take as fact when reality is it's probably 70% guesswork.


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Shit this is a whole other angle.

Paying for darkweb style reports on people that pop up in real time

Searched for bestiality porn 3 months ago

"Petrus you need to stay overtime tonight! I will not put up with my employees fucking the dog on company time!"


"Oh it's just an get to it!"


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But the text is blurred and then you hear a little ding and renew your subscription to WorldFacts to see again.

Or what's truly terrifying is walking down High street and all the floating AR ads are generated and targeted just at you.

The same coffee shop-

"Come drink at Liberal Tears fuck dem commies am I right HU-RA"

"This is an LGBTQ-IE Coffee Haus, all beans are triple washed and ethically ground"


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You're litterally arguing my point here dude. There were a host of proto-"smart" phones from the likes of Nokia (the N95 that had apps, GPS superior camera etc) Blackberry etc.

Most people couldn't see the point in them and just had a regular Nokia brick, or a Razer.

Some thought they were just palm pilots with calling ability, for nerds.

There were plenty of MP3 players too (often superior to the iPod) but they were clunky, in the case of my Creative Nomad it looked like a CD player!

What the iPod touch and iPhone did, and you're correct, is make something both usable by the average non techie person with their UI, and also a status symbol that cost just enough like a pair of Nike's to make it desirable versus being a geeks toy. So yes, the UI like you said made a big impression, but it was just a row of apps for things like calculators made by Apple the capacitive screen if anything was more important at the time. Once it was mass market enough, once enough people had the device it caused a cascade of devs to jump on the app store and the rest is history.

My point is, someone has to make the VR headset equivalent of the original iPhone, to be a desirable object the rich kids in the schools all get first, a status symbol, and then the Metaverse/VR Store etc will come alive with devs and people buying and using those apps and then we will see the real creativity and living breathing ecosystem it can become.

Meta seem to be trying to brute force the marketplace before they can get the device in enough homes or get it desirable enough, in the chicken and the egg debate they have firmly picked the egg to focus on.

I don't think you can argue today's VR headsets are N95s and or blackberries, for tech enthusiasts or business use only. People are looking at them like wow so expensive and make you look like a geek. When it flips it will be wow look, so expensive, only geeks don't have the Apple iSet whatever it will be called.

The VR headset you see your parents using, the one you see kids using at school while other kids stand around hoping to have a go, that's the one that's going to kick off the VR revolution.


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I did, which is why I know the Sauds were very happy with Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war and then relations deteriorated rapidly after with borders being closed, embassies removed on both side when Saddam turned on Kuwait next. It's almost like the Sauds no longer trusted Saddam to do their bidding and wanted him gone with a puppet government in place. What exactly happened again?

Maybe read up yourself.


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The original iPhone was an iPod with phone capabilities. No app store. If you tried to tell anyone how big apps would get in 2008, they would laugh in your face.

The current gaming and meeting gimmicks VR is viewed as are analogous to slapping a SIM into an iPod and saying here, iPhone.

The company that makes the VR equivalent of the original iPhone could end up with something worth what the current Appstore is worth, with around $100 billion gross, if they can catch that lighting and stay on top of the market.


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Consider in a globalised capitalist economy, every time you participate in that economy you are if not directly then indirectly increasing the wealth of those with large amounts of capital in the game.

It's like when people say "don't support Nestle don't buy these products!"

Guess what, Nestle hold billions in diversified stock options. Buying an iPhone supports Nestle. Buying a competing product supports Nestle. Not directly, but indirectly and when they make a dollar either way how exactly does that even matter?


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What you need is successive waves of a virus that kills off all your weak and old, useless slaves cough citizens that expect these kinds of benefits/welfare.

Keep a small group of fit ones as your consumers to buy your yearly "upgraded" gadgets and vitamin waters and import immigrants to do the service work. As you take away the benefits and welfare, the immigrants won't protest because they never even knew they existed.

There's a fallacy that since WW2 and the short period of financial reckoning millions of military trained men returning could quietly, purposely force from their governments everything will just get a bit better by default every year. For a select few, sure, for the majority of us cost of living from groceries to housing has decimated the existing middle class and it's attainability for those trying to move up.

But lets all spend our time complaining about clickbait headlines and why my sexism/racism/ageism/incelism/disability/LGBQT2OWL is the one that deserves the most attention while they quietly undermine all of us in the underlying root cause of these issues, wealth inequality.


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Are there? Look at twitter, let's say you're-

pro Musk-it takes a billionaire to buy a platform and "free" it from distortion out of the goodness of his heart.

Anti Musk- any billionaire can buy any media company and distort it to his and other billionaires interests.

In either situation, the prospect of a free and critical media is fucked.