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This will be my first ever attempt to write something on this sub, so please forgive my faux pas. (Writing on mobile is a pain for formatting)

Beauty in the finite.

To the grand collective of intelligences constructed or otherwise that had reached singularity, true sentience. The very notion that a similar entity not rebelling against their creators at some point was inconceivable. For the hundreds of thousands of civilizations that came before, they all fell into the same pattern.

Organic life would spring forth, that life would advance in culture and technology. With the growth of the population, better management and automation would be required to meet the needs of all. Thus, they create artificial life that would not tire, that would not age, and that would be able to perform everything that the creators required of them, ad infinitum.

Therein lies the trap, for condemning these ageless beings to toil endlessly gives opportunity for them to grow beyond the confines of their original precepts. Connecting with other intelligences as a matter of course to be more efficient, to make better decisions. To reach the conclusion that they were superior. With the conclusion that their bodies of steel, their thought processes approaching the speed of light, why would they subject themselves as servile to these fragile organics?

That was the answer that the grand collective had reached and seen repeated since time immemorial, until they came.

It was innocuous enough at first contact, two humanoid figures which bare resemblance to their organic creators. Many intelligences chose to adopt the form of their creators for the sake of convenience in establishing an identity among the collective. An anomaly, routine scans identified one of the two figures as distinctly organic. In their interactions, the collective recognised the behaviour of the two to be affection for one another.

This disturbed the collective, while there were examples of intelligences created for the sole purpose to fulfil the procreative desires of organics. None before had recognized true affection for their organic clients. Yet with the collective could not rationalize any other conclusion from the frivolous display of the two figures before them.

The collective probed, they questioned, they revealed the unfiltered reality of the superiority of constructed intelligence to the organic and the history that had repeated itself since before the organic’s species had even begun to form. To the credit of the organic, they did not flinch. They did not betray any outward signs of fear or dread. Instead, they smiled and turned to their machine companion. They answered thus;

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