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Were Art Careers ever safe though? I see no real difference now. People buy the art they want. If they want AI they’ll get that easily but I imagine most people wont want to decorate their homes etc with AI generations.

A “reliable art career” doesn’t seem real to me. There would always be flux and uncertainty when your income depends on peoples emotional response to your creations.

Even in the most corporatized, rigidly enforced work environment an artist could be simply replaced by another artist who has a preferable or momentarily popular style.


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Eh I think there’s a bottom line for how easy it’s ever going to be. Even when we get the the point of brain chips producing art we imagine we’re going to need people educated in competition and lighting etc to imagine them in the first place.

We might get the the point where you just say “male on our bike in the woods” but it won’t be able to pick the best one for you. It’ll always need guidance. And that’s a job.


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Or you could stay on top of trends and develop the skills to produce the AI images yourself? It’s not actually as easy as a simple google search if you’re doing professional level work. It takes skills and practice to get consistent results and your job will eventually condense and morph into that. As you say, just get in with it. Learning that is.


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It’s also no easy thing to just slap in a description and get consistent results across all your inputs. As you say figuring out how to get the AI to draw what you are asking it to is a wildly complex task that takes ages to practice and refine for EACH input. Weeks and months in some advanced cases.

That is an artistry. A modern technical artistry but art nonetheless.


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Idk man

This channel has some really impressive stuff from Tesla and other open source Ai navigators.

I was blown away at some of the situations it gets itself out of and through. Especially in the videos taken driving around Beverly Hills.


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Am I the only one who might kinda enjoy the thrill of being shuttled around by an AI? You’re definitely handing your life over for a while.

Gets my blood pumpin.