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The opposite.

I'm a multi platform gamer, got PC 4K, PS5 and NS.

Edit: But ps4 on release we underpowered to those today's PCs. A year before release I already had 4770K, GTX770 and 750GB of SSD storage.
Which was faster in everything by margin of twice and loading times were faster by margin of 5x.

I agree though PS5 been massive leap and positive outcome. It aged way way better than any consoles before it in terms of performance and features (PSVR2, VRR, HDR (HGIG), AI adaptive resolution).


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Consoles play on medium settings (at best) to get 1440p-1800p upscaled to 4K and utilize dynamic resolution to achieve that performance.

When you consider most new games have DLSS or FSR 2.1 then 3060 achives same performance or even better than consoles at same settings.

Plus she already had psu, case and accessories. So that is only 150$ more for 3060 PC and around 300$ more for 3060Ti.

Additionaly if you look at used market you can get 60ti for 300$ or 3080 for 600$ regularly in good condition with warranty left.

The difference is easily made back up across the years with not paying for online, cheaper games, more indie titles and you can upgrade your GPU over time.

While for consoles you have to buy brand new one every time new gen is out and prices of games and subscription for consoels are ever increasing.


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If you want a PC for cheap and one that perform rival consoles.

You ann just get a RTX 3060 and ryzen 5600. That's 100 for mobo, 100 for ram, 120 for cpu and 329 for gpu. It's still a litte more powerful and should handle 1440p 60fps high settings gaming with dlss.

That's 150 more than for consoles, but on PC you don't pay for Online and games are cheaper over time.

Also consoles albeit adv. for 4K run most games at 1400p-1800p dynamic resolutions and at medium settings at best to active 60fps.


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Consoles have a 2700x in them and an RX 5700 / RTX 2070 in them.

A 5600 and 3060Ti (2080 Super) would already run much better than what consoles can do. It would run 1440p, 60fps, high settings in newest games.

If you aim at 4K in the newest games, then I would recommend at least 4080 for Ray Tracing or 7900XT for non Ray Tracing gaming.

The 5600 cpu would still be enough to get high fps gaming. Unless you can find am5 and 7600 and ddr5 for simlar price or not that much more (100-200) I would go route of going with 5600, ddr4, and b550.


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I don't entirely disagree, but synthetic benchmarks are different than games.

Plus, the money not spent on CPU, Mobo, and RAM can be spend on GPU and Monitor.

If it still plays smooth for him that is what matters, not just numbers.

I gone with 4770k GTX770 to a 1060, then 1080 then 2080 and upgraded to 1440p. In single player games it was very good. Stupidly enough I was completely fine in AAA title. But actually it was old competitive games like CSGO or simracing games that had micro stutter ever so often.

Upgraded to 5800x3d 32gb 3600cl16 and b550 wifi. Spent 510€ on that and problems were gone.

But thar 510€ plus another 300€ could gotten me a 4070Ti for 4K gaming and for SP, I would still be fine with my 4770K and 16gb ddr3.


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Except PS4 and nintendo.

At this point in time probably already PS5 and XsX also making in profit.

But PS4 and nintendo usually profit or break even from the start. This was the only reason why I did not get a PS4. Skipped PS first time ever, but also was frustrated with lack of SSD on PS4. It was actually a good turn around for me, that's how I got into PC gaming and MMOs.

Now I enjoyed the PS4 libary on PS5 and PC. Gave away PS5 to my cousin, cause PS5 games are coming out on PC now too. I rather spend more money on upgrading PC rather than spend money twice on hardware.

Albeit I may come back to PS5 gaming if PSVR2 will become big and have nice libary of games.