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If an AGI were released to the general public, it would be devastating. Think of the worst thing you could do with a nimble AI that can learn and do anything, and it's only a matter of time before someone would use it for that purpose. The power of an AGI would be akin to a nuclear bomb, but for anything connected to the internet.

There are trolls and terrorists and mercenaries who would use it to pwn corporations and governments, disabling or even destroying public utilities, banks, hospitals, and rival entities. Not all of these entities are vulnerable, but enough would be that the attacks would completely disrupt trade and economies, and possibly the world economy. The US, Russia, China, and North Korea would not hesitate to obtain and weaponize AGI.


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After a bit of digging, it looks like the 250% efficiency increase is just in relation to the existing performance of perovskite-based solar panels, not versus silicon solar panels. I was unable to find a straight comparison to silicon cell efficiency, merely that the new techniques make them an "equally efficient replacement for silicon."


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Your sarcasm adds nothing. The fact that no one has acted on those concepts demonstrates that our politicians do not act in our best interest but for corporate interests. Until we get sincere representatives, nothing significantly good is going to happen.


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Out of the woodwork crawl the people whining about what it'll cost. These same assholes don't ask how we pay trillions of dollars for war, spending more than any other country by several multiples, more than the next 9 highest spending countries combined.

Easy, here we go:

  • Health care: every other advanced nation does it and spends less than we do per person, and yet provide 100% health care for all citizens. Copy how they do it, and we'd save money. Hint: eliminate enormous profits.
  • Eliminate tax loopholes for corporations and billionaires.
  • Eliminate tax exempt status for churches.

Done, paid for. We probably wouldn't even have to cut defense.

Next problem.


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Not until they get free power and ignore entropy. In a few hundred years we might have the tech to sustain something like that, but until then there's always going to be a need for food, water, reaction fuel, vitamins, etc.