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Compared to other HMDs in the high spec range they are garbage.

Magic Leap has been trying to get into the mil simulation market for years and every evaluation I have to do with them always gets low marks compared to Varjo and others that put out products. There “hand tracking” hardware is also ass. Like trying to type with each of your figures being the size of a chipotle burrito.

The industry partners I’ve worked with and for hate them, the soldiers hate them, even there own support staff dog the products when helping setup a demonstration.


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The FTC has been hitting twitter long before Musk ever made his offer. The big risk he’s inherited with the purchase of twitter is that the FTC and twitter had certain operating agreements twitter was bound to. If he’s found in violation of those agreements the buck in theory stops with him. Unlike the SEC or DOJ the FTC has a history of massive fines and handing out referrals for criminal charges that have lead to jail time.

Will Musk likely see a Courtroom let alone a jail cell I find that unlikely. But he’s also not doing himself any favors with his actions.


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They’ll bribe the government into stating that the power company owns the panels on the homes. That’s what FPL has been working towards for the last three years.

They’ll find ways. They spent the last 100 years working systems into there favor. They aren’t just going to go away because the resources changed. They’ll bribe, buyout and coheres there way into maintaining power.


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I hardly think they are getting desperate. They are just starting to shift portions of their ludicrously massive profits into the future energy sources. It will be the same companies running smart charging stations that make has now. They have the financing to do so and the incentive to price anyone else out.