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Talk to the police. This is extortion. You can't consent to anything when you're drugged or intoxicated (forced signature that was coerced so null and void) and it's potentially even kidnapping or holding you against your will since they refused to let your ride take you out. No promises but they likely did something wrong here. Not to mention there were drugs. You partook but you likely have immunity to any charges by not possessing any and being a victim like basically how a kid at a party would be. Take them out and reveal the scam. Tell the police literally everything you know and get the other people to do so as well. This is a problem and people could be harmed here. They could be trafficking. Who knows? It's a bad club that needs to get raided. Just imagine there's bad drugs and someone dies, or someone doesn't pay.


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It definitely creates other issues even if they're sheltered from the bad things they experienced although I guarantee people hear stuff through walls or from other rooms. Kids also know way more about situations than they ever let on until someone asks usually because they're afraid they're in trouble or someone they care about is. You end up with not knowing how to take care of yourself at all and being entitled if you aren't disciplined appropriately or taught what to do and not do like if you've had it all done for you always then you simply expect it then won't grow up any. I don't think that mindset should have had a ton of time to set into someone who is ten yet so plenty of time to change that and not let it happen before they turn into a dysfunctional person due to the lack of parenting. The obvious issue still lies in that there was literally not running water and that is a basic thing anyone should have. It's not overreacting that child services is involved at all here to at least check in.


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Is is better that they end up with emotional issues and abused? They don't just take you away. A lot happens first. Think about any of the things that you went through and if you'd want more of that for them. Probably not. Your parental figures are going to have to clean up their behavior and that's not any of your fault if they make bad choices. Those choices affected both of you and will continue to if they don't get it together.


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You aren't the wrong one here. They mistreated you and should have done better as parents. Telling someone wasn't wrong. If something happens to them it's on them, not you. That is consequence of their actions. Nothing about the words emotional abuse or neglect is untrue if what you said is accurate. Don't try to clean up and hide stuff. Don't lie about things because you think it'll help you. If they're hurting you and doing this, that needs to stop and maybe just stop trusting them so much since they clearly don't understand what family is supposed to mean and they don't actually seem to care as long as you pay up.