LBITruckee t1_jdcabrp wrote

I moved near fishtown with the plan to take the train into the CC for work.

The train is one of, if not the worst, experiences I have ever had in Philly since moving here ten years ago. It’s a shit hole…literally. The homeless and junkies have taken the system over. They should make it impossible to access the stations without paying. All the homeless should be removed. As you said, it’s not the responsibility of septa to take care of the homeless population. I’m all for paying more in taxes to help house and feed people. There is zero reason why myself or anyone should feel unsafe at 3pm on a Tuesday taking the train.


LBITruckee t1_jdc9tqy wrote

How about…. Get more transit police, get tap pay, clean the literal trash off the train, stop letting junkies shoot up on the train, stop letting people take actual shits on the train, stop letting people smoke on the train, stop delaying the trains….

If you’re so concerned about people not paying then actually get people to stop them in conjunction with better turnstiles.


LBITruckee OP t1_ivuj0c6 wrote

This park is suppose to be no dogs. However, I totally get why it’s a great place to bring them and I bring my own from time to time. There is literally a trash can as you leave the park. Just throw your dog’s sh*t away. This is trashy and why we can’t have nice things.