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A direct example I can give is one from my family during the US Civil war when cotton was stopped.

The managers of the cotton mills in the local area (and going to the same churches as their workers) decided the best option was to give each man the job of planting 5 flowers a week.

Another that happened to a neighbour of the family was that the Husband died after falling off a ladder cleaning the clock face on the market building, the children got a job as "cheer-uppers" just to bring in some extra income until they where old enough to actually work.


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There's Remand and Bail, basically if you're deemed to be civil you can be released like this guy was, of course if he messes up, he's under remand until the trial.

If you're a flight risk, remand.

If you decide not to return, an arrest warrant will be posted and you will get arrested at some point, even 3 days later when the police knock on your door.

I live near a council estate, see it often for people who've skipped court date being arrested a few days later, one to be fair did miss court due to COVID symptoms and did call ahead, but ... procedure.