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OP is discussing etiquette, not law. Anyone rising that way is a dickhead. even if we want to discuss law, the way a lot of people drive their scooters is reckless and riders on the sidewalk are supposed to indicate that they're passing instead of whipping around at the last second with no indication.


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the queer nightlife here has become largely event based. Sapphic Saturdays is tonight, but sold out as far as I can tell. LGBTQ Nightlife Events organizes a lot of events (particularly sapphic ones) in the area and is currently working on building a new queer bar. additionally, Queeraoke is a beloved local fixture and Club Cafe tends to have a few nights for the ladies here and there


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> I’ve tried getting the city involved but the health inspector cancelled the appointment because it didn’t fit in his schedule.

push this up the chain of command if you can. if you can't, contact your city councilor and mention this behavior, that might free up some room in this schedule. they absolutely shouldn't be cancelling on you without proper followup


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after any game at the Garden there's a ton of people taking the train in every direction, it's so jam-packed it's hard to even start an altercation. walk with the crowd to Charles/MGH and ride from there to make your life a little easier