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Totally this! Republic Restoratives is the go to example for getting out of politics into a successful gig outside of it. I believe Pia used to work for Congresswoman Gabby Giffords (you can see her staffing the congresswoman in the latest documentary “Won’t Back Down”).

Here’s a podcast talking to her when Republic first opened.


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Totally agree - as someone who also lived in Ohio City for a while, it's going to get you pretty close to that vibe. I'd also compare that area and by Hopkins similar to the East Side and by CWRU, but JHU and CWRU are medical-heavy universities so you have the neighborhoods there that are older money (think shaker heights) but also museums and institutions.
I'd also say unlike Cleveland, Baltimore has a more bustling downtown or at least neighborhoods more centrally located to downtown. Canton could capture a bit of the flats, but less train accessible.