LVorenus2020 t1_jdweo15 wrote

You are close to...The Secret. So very, very close.

You must add smaller portions of the curry itself, when a quarter of the total cooking time has elapsed.

If you have also added fresh-cut garlic beforehand, the result may blow your mind...


LVorenus2020 t1_jaq3r79 wrote

Faster than the 1976-77 Canadiens?

Unreal. They'd better be passing that Cup 'round in the spring!

Otherwise, they set themselves up for a colossal collapse 'n choke, with all the sad, rage-filled months which follow.


LVorenus2020 t1_j2566co wrote

The station itself is a disgraceful mire, bog, and quicksand.

You can't find a bathroom open anywhere at night. If you didn't happen to use the lousy accommodation on the inbound Amtrak trains, you're screwed. They close the main area where all the bathrooms are, and provide nothing else. Nothing provided on any of the MTA stops leading away from there.

And let's not forget the epic mutant Norway rats, who will cheerfully oversee your desperate restroom search in those desolate, still-in-construction passages.

Total ruin.