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Sure, it has been also at top. But they definitely put on a good markup for their name and you have to look what else one pays money for to be part of apple.

Looking alone for the crazy way of handling repairing.


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Not really necessary. Their market share is like 10:1.

People are buying names not actual performance.

You are seeing it with the ridiculous amount of apple appliances out there.


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It is the sturdiest Abus foldable and Kryptonite Evolution. Hiplok would also be on my list of possible locks, but I do not like U-locks so much.

And as you said: if the attacker is dedicated enough, they will break it for sure.

But as I am working on implementing cryptography algorithms: every system can be broken, but the question is the trade-off between cost/time and gain. And my bike has definitely a really bad ratio compared to the bike with a thin string as lock, not connected to some solid object, right next to mine.


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These locks are some the lock picking lawyer took almost a minute at in perfect condition with specialized tools, not a terrible position crouched in with cheap tools.

Standard tools to break them apart completely fail while a cheaper lock can just be cut open with a $5 saw. You need at least an angle grinder to cut through them, which is rather easily I admit. But at the spots I usually lock them the chance is high that they could rather cut themselves while working on the lock.

And last but not least, 100% of the time there are much easier targets and often more expensive than my bike right next to mine.