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Nice! I want to take the regular bed out of my spare bedroom and put a Murphy bed up. I've been wanting to do this for quite some time now but just haven't done it.


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I totally believe that it died on the spot from a broken heart.

So where I work at the entire building is glass and it's a tall building. The geese hit the glass windows and landed on one of the patios. It's mate was just walking back and forth circling around it. I totally get crying about it. Like I said it sent me down the research rabbit hole to understand them better.

We have a lot of geese near my building. They have those sound machines that actually try to deter them from landing in the pond nearby, but it doesn't really do much of anything.


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If you ever get a chance, read up on these animals. They are monogamous for life. If their significant other gets sick during the migration season, they will not migrate and leave them. If they die, they will not leave their bodies. I actually saw this happen at my job. It's what made me go down the research rabbit hole. It was so sad. I'm surprised they were able to find it another mate.


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Thank you so much for posting. This is a very interesting read.

They were both very insufferable. She spends her entire letter basically reminiscing about him and vilifying the first wife. And he spends castigating Emily Hill and his praising the second wife, basically saving face.

They both would have done good to just burn the letters and keep their secrets to themselves.