LadyFoxfire t1_j2ttbqt wrote

No. He’s looking at about 25 years if he goes to trial and loses, which at his age isn’t a life sentence, especially with good behavior and parole. A plea deal is by definition going to be less than that.

Pleading not guilty in the first hearing is common sense. In a couple of weeks the prosecutor will offer him a deal, and he’ll either change his plea or take his chances at trial. This is all very routine.


LadyFoxfire t1_iti4m82 wrote

There’s so many conspiracy theories about 9/11 that even if someone did stumble onto the truth (assuming it differs from the official story) the government would likely just ignore that person and let their claims get lost in the noise. Assassinating them would just draw attention to their claims and encourage conspiracy theorists to latch onto that (true) version instead of a false narrative.

The only exception would be if this guy had hard evidence, like a recording of W plotting the attacks, but in that case the smart thing to do is to release it publicly before the government has a chance to silence you. They’ll probably still send you to jail, but they have no incentive to disappear you if the damage has already been done.

No, this sounds like a pretty straightforward case of paranoid delusions. I hope this guy gets help before he does anything he regrets.