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This was my first time writing something like this, and I tried to imagine what I would likely do in such a situation. I don't really plan on making this a common occurrence.


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Crazy. I had to be. Or dreaming. I looked at the note. I looked at the jewelry. Back and forth between both, multiple times over, and finally up at the two animal-like creatures floating in front of me. I nearly fainted, but I happened to land on my bed instead, hitting my head on the case I had pulled both the ring and the earrings out of.

Ouch, definitely not dreaming then. I won't rule out the crazy part, though, and sit up on my bed, rubbing the newly rising knot in pain. One of the creatures, the one that resembled a weird red and black doll-ladybug hybrid, floated over to check on me with a worried look on her face. Then she started to talk.

"Hey, it's OK! We're not gonna hurt you! I'm Tikki, and it's a pleasure to meet you! I'm the kwami of creation, and that grump over there is Plagg, the kwami of destruction."

I look over at the other creature, what looks like a small black kitten with antenna on its head. It seems to look at me in a judgy manner. Then it speaks too, because of course it could. "Kid, you're not crazy, and it's not a hallucination. I'm also not a genie, and I don't grant wishes, so don't ask. But right now, you need to snap out of your stupor and get a move on. We've got work to do."

I have work to do? If this is anything like the show, im probably about to fight a man controlling pigeons and...

The black kitten, err, Plagg, stops my train of thought. "No, it ain't Mr Pigeon if that's what you were thinking. But there is at least one Akuma out there for now, and this one's a real beast. We only have until tomorrow morning to find and defeat it, as well as any other akumas it creates. Otherwise, it will shift realities and dimensions again, and we start this whole process over again with someone else. It's been a pain to try this the last 3 times, and I'm getting sick of it. You had better get it done, and make sure to feed me too."

"Unfortunately, what Plagg is saying is true," Tikki chimed in. "The past few temporary holders were unfortunately unable to beat this particular Akuma, but unlike the others, this time seems to be different. The last few holders only got one of the miraculous. You got two, and you got the most powerful two. However, I will warn you, along with using both our miraculous together, it will try to have you grant a wish. Whatever you do, don't use the wish. It will have devastating consequences on your world, and there is no taking it back once you do. Do you think you can handle this?"

I look back and forth between the two kwami and i smile. This is gonna be fun.