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That's all true, but in California, the Pot is extremely strong. There's a horde of young people that don't have jobs and are begging on the street. It's as bad a heroin addiction. This pot gives you schizophrenia symptoms too. Plus the dealers are cutting their weed with fentanyl.

NJ just passed a law banning legal sale of overly potent weed. It's an epidemic.

"New Jersey will cap total dose per package at 100mg THC, and the edible in each package must be demarcated into 10mg THC portions."

Also, it seems to be happening in NY too.


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I speak from family experience. I see it every day.

I won't touch the stuff after what I've seen.

I'll just add all the rehab clinics are full too. Open slots are rare.

But, keep those clean days coming, 7 years is an achievement. Best of luck.


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Do you speak from experience, or denial.

Maybe you should attend marijuana anonymous and see the Destroyed Lives. It's an epidemic of failed lives, by the way have you visited the drug legal states, and seen the begger kids?

Must be nice to live in your everythings-perfect dream land.


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I don't know, do you have ideas?

But, the potency of Marijuana, has skyrocketed off the charts? Millions of kids now addicted to Marijuana, with pot legalization. 10% of users get addicted. Seems like that's the plan.

Addiction = Profit.

But, I will say hunting is Big Business in America, too. Is it around the globe?

Buying a good hunting rifle for hunting, and an AK just to have an AK.


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The best Philly Cheese Stake, for example, is a balance of flavors. A mild cheese is used so you can still, and actually taste the steak, with some onions. No flavor should drown out the others. That's why I hate cheese-wiz cheese steaks, you take a great piece of meat and then smother the flavor out of it, being overwhelmed by cheese.

Same with rabe, but, if you're going to eat it you need a strong Provolone to keep up.


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How well insulated is your apartment? Does it have double pane windows? Or, better triple pane?

The temperature drops, and if you've got it set to a temperature the heater is going to turn on, as the walls get cold.

But, your biggest bills will be Jan-Feb.

If your paying for the heat, than the manager has no incentive to add insulation. Find an apartment where the heat is included, then you'll know the landlord will put in a high efficiency heater, better windows, and better insulation.