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The plan was to have a couple of cars drive slowly and then stop. This is more of an entrance to a highway than the actual highway itself, traffic comes from a big intersection with traffic lights so the speed is still relatively low anyway.

Instead, the police halted those vehicles and arrested the people in it. They then proactively blocked the highway themselves, I believe.


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What makes you say we don't? We protest in all those places, and also on the highway right next to the ministry of economic affairs and the ministry of agriculture. The place is very appropriate, and it has parallel roads so that traffic is only mildly hindered. What better place to protest against those two governments than right here?


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The village is empty because RWE bought them out to be able to mine coal. The activists are protesting against the extraction and burning of coal, as well as the fact that whole villages are able to be bought out for such a purpose. I'm glad the former inhabitants got paid to relocate, but that doesn't make the entire problem go away

Of course nobody wants trespassers on their property, that's the whole point about protesting. It's non-violent civil disobedience to protest against something that's destroying the earth