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Its like in a point and click game where to get the sword you need to trade for a ruby which you need to trade for a necklace which you trade for a locket which you trade for a notebook which you trade for a hammer which you trade for a broom which you trade for a cool looking rock you found except it starts with an organ and ends with an organ.


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Idk about in the UK, but where I am you can’t buy flavored pods anymore since the public outrage a few years ago got them pulled from shelves. So now your options are either buy tobacco flavored pods (which taste awful) or get disposables which last equally as long as a pack of pods and come in good flavors. The reason disposables are so popular is because they come in good flavors. If good flavors for like juul were allowed again, you would see the popularity of disposables die off greatly and this type of littering to diminish.

But you know it’s all “think of the children” when nicotine already has the same level of restriction that alcohol does and nobody’s saying you shouldn’t be selling pink whitney because it tastes good to children.