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Introducing the L-PAD:

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Laneware's latest design to be offered to the Mechanical Keyboard Community! The L-PAD is a gasket mounted macropad with rotary encoder, releasing on the 25th of February 2023 at 20:00 PT as an in-stock purchase for $99 USD. This is the first keyboard we have bought to market that doesn't utilize the Group Buy method, for this reason, we have only manufactured 50 of these as a pilot run.

When designing the L-PAD, we had one focus in mind, to design a product that our customers could use forever. This focus was broken down into three key design parameters, to offer:

  • A product that can fit in aesthetically with any desk setup, both now and in the future.
  • Is small enough to sit off to the side, yet offers all the utility you need out of a macropad.
  • Is built to last, with CNC aluminium body and keycaps and a PCB with ESD, over voltage & over current protection.

Worldwide -

Base Kit Includes ($99 USD):
Case: Aluminium Base & Top
Plate: 1.5mm Aluminium
PCB: QMK/VIA with Encoder
Daughter Board: USB-C with ESD, Over Voltage & Over Current Protection
Hardware: Encoder, Screws, Gaskets, Feet, Laneware Stickers
Knob: Includes

Keycaps Include ($25 USD):
x5 CNC Aluminium Keycaps