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Thank you, you’re right. I mostly used the debt analogy as a hyperbole, I would never actually take out a loan or go into $1200 cc debt for headphones, but yeah - I definitely don’t have the money to buy them yet considering the other things I gotta pay for.

I think I’ll save up for ‘em and buy them somewhere where I can easily return them, worst case scenario.

If you went from 650’s to 800S’ and never want to go back, then I may be the same.


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I have been eyeing the 8XX actually. If the sound compared to an 800S is only a LITTLE “worse”, to the point where the differences are very slight, then I don’t mind saving $500 and buying an 8XX instead. Have you EQ’ed the 8XX at all? I keep hearing that EQ is “mandatory” on these.

And honestly? If these sound even just twice as good for 10x the price, I am more than willing to pay.


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This is good advice, thank you. I was thinking the same. I should sit with my 560S for a while so I can really get to know this pair of cans inside and out. I think that’d make the upgrade that much more worth it.

I’m willing to EQ the 800S to fix the bass falloff (I did the same with the 560S and love the sound). Do you think EQ would fix this rolloff as it does with the 560S?


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I’d definitely say it IS my life. When I was younger, I played in concert band. I’ve been in a jazz band. I’m the type to sit in my room until 2am (which I did last night) and get lost into music because it’s just so enjoyable.

I don’t think I’d ever regret spending thousands for audio considering I live and breathe it. I’m a “I’m here for one life, not gonna waste it” type of guy.

By the looks of what everyone has been saying - I should try to get my hands on a demo. Because I am more than willing to save (thankfully it won’t affect my quality of life if I were to save for these).


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I’d say I like EQ’ing. I’ve EQ’d my 560S’ with the oratory1990 presets and heavily enjoy that, so I have no issues with EQ’ing the 800’s. Though, I’m now considering the HD8XX since that’d save me $500 where I live (Canada). Not sure if $500 is worth the marginal change in sound quality though.