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>They report low obesity levels.

Its starting to change.

>Obesity in China is a major health concern according to the WHO, with overall rates of obesity between 5% and 6% for the country,[2] but greater than 20% in some cities where fast food is popular.[3]

Plus there is also same trend as in western cultures. More refined carbohydrates. With white rice becomming the norm over brown rice.


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>Praise Gunther, good honest guy.

What? He charged a machine gun 1 minute before armistice. Fully aware that in 1 minute there would be no more fighting. Against the orders of his superior. Thats either bloodthirsty or suicidal. Stupid either case.


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It accumulates wealth if its in place more people want to live in than there is space. If the housing is in middle of nowhere its not going increase in value. You will be lucky if it keeps up with inflation.