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Tall towers are painted red and white to help them stand out better against a blue sky during the day too. And beacon lights at the top are required in cities normally over 100ft but after 300 ft you also need side light beacons too. Some towers are specifically built to be 295ft tall so they can save money on maintaining three lights.


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Even if most of the people who maintain internet archives vanished in nuclear fire, there are so many published books on how to make 80% of the technology we have today from the ground up. It would take a while to rebuild the infrastructure we have now if it fell into decay for a decade or more but I doubt people would go even a day without getting videos if cats being assholes.

If the internet goes down at least a million people will make restoring it their highest priority, even over food.


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Oh, most would too! So thus less people and eventually extinction. My point isn't that you personally need to have kids, we just need to keep the population from declining much below 2 billion or we start going backwards fast.

So yeah, we can and should manage our population but having AI that may not need us do that seems a risky gamble to take when the entire species could die out in worst case scenarios.


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So you'd accept a robot spouse that is the breadwinner, takes care of the house, and allows you to be unemployed? Because that robot can't give you children, so by serving all your other needs, they essentially "killed" you with kindness and made certain you won't reproduce.

That's why I think AI won't need to exterminate us if they can just stop us from mating with each other.


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What I really want to see is AI taking elected official's jobs. I would actually prefer voting for a machine that can be manipulated by a single corporation or group instead of whoever pays the person the most money that election cycle. Sure, it'll be largely the same thing anyway but at least we won't have to pay for their retirement, security, travel expenses, housing, and medical crap anymore.

In short, vote for my upcoming Republican AI. It'll be the easiest politician to simulate.


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I don't think AI needs to kill us to make us extinct or at least entirely change who's society it is. We already have countries that are choosing to decline without intelligent sex robots. What percentage of society will enact the labor of having children when even mildly passable AI can simulate the spouse experience?

Now imagine the first AI elected official, the first AI police, and AI city planners. AI doesn't need to kill us to replace us.


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Why would AI waste the time to keep our meat brains or even a simulation of them alive? Humans don't have any real value to advanced AI. Once immortal self-repairing machines are real, humans won't be.

Also, this speculative crap just assumes these technologies will keep advancing instead of stalling out in the same way space travel and automobiles have. Shuttles and cars have been refined over the last 75 and 100 years, sure but they haven't had a leap forward to the fully automated cars or interstellar flights that were imagined when they became common technology.

Our imaginations are very much limited by the constaints of reality. Maybe AI can build a better system for most things but it probably will just build around us animals.


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I learned how to drive well enough to get a perfect score on the test and then drive the first time across the country in a 27 foot moving van alone. I actually drove just five or six times beforehand and had less than three hours of practice.

You'll do fine. If 80 year old men who drive with their turn signal on at all times except when turning can keep their license, you can pass too.


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Season 4 of Seinfeld was all about pitching a pilot to NBC for a show about nothing. They make fun of writers for being procrastinating idiots, they mention multiple times that Seinfeld can't act, and also mock Larry David for trying to pick up women at a bar by mentioning he writes sitcoms. It also mocks actors for being method or being bizarre.