LastCall2021 t1_iwycnxe wrote

I’m not so sure. She kind of lucked into this ‘female Steve Jobs’ zeitgeist at a time when it seemed like that’s what the world was looking for.

But the reality is she’s not some genius, just a college drop out who was never that smart in the first place. There was that conference where actual tech people were asking her probing questions and seemed gobsmacked by her non answers.

For some reason it took awhile before the rest of the world caught on. People like their zeitgeists. But now it’s pretty clear she’s just a bimbo trying to fake her way into fame and fortune. She’s not coming back from this.


LastCall2021 t1_iw1pg20 wrote

Turing test aside, what I think is interesting is the notion that as we baby step our way to AGI we may- as a society- hardly notice when we get there.

What I mean is that the general consensus- maybe less so in this sub- is that reaching AGI will be this world changing event that will effect everything…

But I think it’s probably closer to the truth that lots of individual things are already being greatly effected by narrow focused AI (like physics and biology) and as that advances it is gaining traction in everyday society with things like art and music.

I could see society getting to the point that AI is so ubiquitous reaching AGI would just seem (from the lens of society at large) like just another baby step forwards.