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Reply to Irvington NJ by MurrDOC_

Depends on what your needs and budget are, but Irvington has the least amenities of the three you listed (small town, big pockets of underdeveloped, no train station).

Irvington has some nice quiet parts, but if you’re going to deal with urban issues, you might as well live in a larger city if the home prices are comparable.


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High rise luxury apartment construction has been been happening downtown for the last decade.

Even outside of downtown, literally everything has improved in the last 10 years.


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“a bunch of ghetto radicals actually killed a Wawa proposed to McCarter Highway and Governor Street.”

It was actually a small group of Lower Broadway homeowners who blocked anything that WASN’T high rent. Their pie in the sky plan was to get Trader Joe’s to come to that spot. So it’s the opposite, they were actively trying to gentrify the neighborhood.

Last I heard, the ringleader of the opposition moved to a luxury apartment downtown. That lot currently has trucks on it, obviously worse than a WAWA.