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I'm going to incur some wrath here, but I'd say start with some WD-40 the first time (as a penetrating oil to loosen up the neglected parts) cycle the door a few times and actually jog it sideways a bit to get the roller stems free in their mounts, then follow with lubricant. After that just periodic lubricants will be fine.

Source: Experiments on a relative's nearly-rusted-solid garage door hardware in the northern midwest.


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3000K - 4000K FTW depending on where you're using it. Work areas you might actually like the "harder" 4000K or more but for interior domestic areas the lower color temperature is best. Also don't be afraid to actually check out lit bulbs in a big-box store if you can...manufacturers will fudge their color temperatures sometimes though this becoming is less common. Source: Light nerd who's refitting his house away from fluorescents.

Here's a graphic guide