Latyon t1_jeah5ic wrote

Which is funny that that is the case, because all through my childhood whenever I would see that title, I would think, "Is this a song about deodorant or something?" despite not knowing that Teen Spirit was a deodorant.


Latyon t1_ivg1902 wrote

When I went to see Lady Gaga's ArtRAVE in Houston a few years back, at one point Gaga pulled a bunch of teenagers out of the audience to join her on stage and dance

And all of them were having the time of their lives

Except this one fucking kid who immediately took out his phone and started taking selfies and I think livestreaming from his phone. Not interacting with Gaga, or the crowd. Literally on stage with Lady Gaga in front of thousands of people and the only thing he could see was his phone screen.

I think about that kid a lot. What a fuckin' tool.