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I have watched people give absolutely zero fucks and throw trash any and everywhere. Unfortunately the culture doesn't seem to care too much about it. Look at the overflowing garbage bins and trash in the streets, not even the city cares. Check out the 311 app, its basically an app for the city. You can submit requests for just about anything including trash related issues.


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This post made me go look at my own SDAT and it appears that it says my home is a 4 bed 3 bath even though it was sold to me as a 3 bed 3 bath. The room in the finished basement doesn't qualify as a bedroom because there's no egress window. Am I missing something? Should I call them? Anyone have a phone number?


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We got all 40 houses to say yes and 32 of those willing to donate. If one didn't say yes tbh I'm not sure what we'd do. One person was on the fence because she thought the poles would block our already narrow sidewalk and we showed her how skinny they were so she agreed.