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-“Where are the heroes?” One of the villains in meeting room asks. “well Sherlock if we knew then this meeting wouldn’t make any sense. Right?” another one answers

The atmosphere in the room was tense nobody had an idea what heroes were doing in time of crisis, but one thing was certain.

-”If those guys don’t take actions we will have to do it ourselves any objections?”

Room became silent, for a little while, all villains in Everwall decided that heroes are usless in time of need, so after thinking,for a while, everyone agreed to protect city in the face of the new danger. Everwall was not a small town, it had around two milion civilians inside it’s walls, so every villain had to protect the city with all their might. Not every villain was willing to take out aces out of their sleeves.

The most powerful person in the room spoke as she saw that -”I hope that everyone have some plans, but I need you all to understand our situation. Everyone is in danger even us, so BRING OUT YOUR MOST TRESURED TOYS am I clear?” after I said that greed in eyes of quite a lot of individuals declined, fear appered instead.

-”Cmon don’t scare the new guys valkyrie. You know if that was not said we could reduce number of competition in our little town” Said some girl while toying with some kind of artifact with snakes on it.

-”shut it Loki you can have some fun with our enemies. Well if you want to play that badly we can play together however I can’t promise to leave you in one piece how about 1001 pieces sounds to you?” -”Alright sorry, also what’s your plan?

I looked at her with pity and didn’t answer. Why would I allow her to meddle with my side of city. -”I will go to the south, and you to the north if I find out that you made disorder in any I mean, any other side my promise to you will be fulfilled after battle” ‘It’s quite funny to squabble with her. Can’t deny it.’

-”Everyone out and protect the city. Some casualties are allowed. Not too many I look at you Loki. As I said earlier south is mine, Loki take north, everyone expect our commanders will defend east and west. Wish you all a good luck, and have fun.” ‘Hmm we will have to smash some heroes heads after the defence game’

My third time writing something as usuall some constructive criticism is appreciated. -Laverniones checks out <3


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“Can someone explain to me how in the seven hells does someone trip over banana peel, fall in 10 cm deep river and whats the most unbelievable is that victim died of suffocation with water inside lungs?. I asked ‘am I in some sort of book or something. I know for sure that no one can be so stupid… sigh I hate my job.’

While I was looking for clues my apprentice was interrogating witnesses. But he’s new in business so I got to watch over him so any mistakes are avoided. Of course he made mistake so i switched with him in perfect moment, my fame as “Best Detective with no flaws” will be maintained.

-”Phillip I think that all clues are found but I would like you to check again In case something was overlooked.” -”alright teacher” My cute apprentice looked at me apologetically. Of course he knew his mistake. Well coming back to witnes. -”would you like to add anything to your testimony?” I asked. -” Nnn…o. No!” face of the witness took white color and had droplets of sweat coming from forehead. I glared with suspicion at actions of “innocent” witness And saw that he had smirk that was telling you’ll never know that I did it. ‘alright in many years of my detective career i would never suspect asking that question but… -” Did you kill that person with banana peel?” -”How did you kn… I ment no!” ‘sigh am I really in the book? I can’t belive the stupidity of those people or rather I should call them walking circus. People can’t be that stupid right?’ -”alright we have our suspect lock him up”

My second time writing something except school stuff so constructive criticism will be appreciated.