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This is so goddamn important in so many situations.

First and foremost, you hardly ever have to worry about apologizing for or explaining something you haven't said.

While silence can be misinterpreted, it is easier to explain than poorly chosen words.

In some cases, silence can literally change your life. Not speaking to cops, not rising to the bait of some wannabe tough guy in public, not spouting off to your spouse/partner...all of these are situations in which just a few poorly chosen words can have a life altering impact.

Take time to listen and ponder.


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I'd have to go back and check my notes. I also stopped a lot for pictures and to let other vehicles pass on narrow portions.

My recollection is somewhere around 3 hours. Though again, that is not reflective of the actual drive time.


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This is correct.

  1. They get stretched by being on the mattress, so the wrinkles go away quickly.

  2. They are under a top sheet and/or blanket, so I don't know when you would see them anyway.

I know some people feel compelled, and I used to as well, but life is too short to fold fitted sheets.

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Came to say this.

She was likely acutely aware of the way she appeared on stage and that almost certainly added to her difficulties which in turn led to/increased her dependence on substances that dulled those feelings and fears.

It is a vicious cycle and it is painful to watch someone deal with it.


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Oh man, it is so awesome.

I started in Canyonlands NP(Island in the Sky portion), and went down the Shafer trail and then onto Shafer rd and took it all the way back into Moab.

I was one of the best drives of my life. Though, I definitely recommend something with 4WD and good ground clearance.


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The views from the point (and the areas around it) are awesome.

Also, the views from the road you see down on the canyon floor (Rte 142/Shafer Basin Rd/Potash Rd) are also pretty incredible.

One of my favorite areas of the US.

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Many people make the mistake of believing the Miranda warning must be read at the time of arrest/detention. This is incorrect.

They only need to be read to you if the police decide to question you after you have been arrested/detained.

I have had so many clients tell me that charges should be dropped because their rights weren't read to them. I just shake my head and then have to explain it isn't like TV.