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I live in SE PA. Warehouses aren't such a big thing here (I think property values are too high), but they definitely are in nearby central NJ.

How much stuff do we buy online and have delivered? That all has to come from somewhere. The faster we want it delivered, the more warehouses there will be, so they'll be a shorter distance from most people. If this is how you get stuff, warehouses have to be somewhere.

There are worse things to live near. I worked near a giant landfill that stunk and occasionally our office filled with flies. A regional airport is nearby and jets have shaken our house in the middle of the night. If I'm mowing my lawn and a commercial jet comes in for a landing, it's louder than my mower. Refineries spew out chemicals and sometimes explode. Is a giant factory more attractive than a giant warehouse?

Depending on zoning rules, local towns can mitigate problems. Cover warehouses with solar panels and make them green power plants. It's great to have a visually attractive place to live. It's nice to have jobs too.


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I don’t know anyone who commutes into Philly, other than my wife once a week on the train. Our friends work remotely or locally, a couple in NJ. Crime has not been an issue. A neighbor was arrested for DUI. An elderly woman in a nursing home had her house broken into. A friend’s house was burglarized while they were out. His neighbor said he heard glass breaking but didn’t call the police. What are neighbors for?


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Unless you're looking for mountains or deserts you'll find it in PA. A major city like Philadelphia, a smaller one like Pittsburgh, down to tiny towns in the middle of nowhere. Forests, hills, valleys, farms, pavement and concrete. Wealth and poverty. Some of the most extreme people on the political spectrum and many of us somewhere in between.

Would a minority be accepted in PA? Racism is everywhere but I think the greater the minority population the greater the chance that would happen. Would you be accepted in rural PA? My hunch is you would get a polite reception but dating their daughter might be a problem.

We live in Bucks county NE of Philadelphia. High cost of living, high housing costs, low crime (drug use and burglaries). Easy access to Philadelphia and NYC isn't much farther away. NJ beaches and Poconos about an hour drive away. Very wooded. Delaware River Valley is beautiful. Great place to bike. I enjoy living here, but housing prices have exploded so you'll need a good income if you're moving here.

Good luck with your search!


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I was an attorney for 16 years and I work in law firm marketing. If I was injured and wanted a lawyer I would not retain them. They’re a lawsuit mill. They work on volume. The only thing law firm advertising proves is a law firm has a big advertising budget.