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And that is true as well. Anyone can drive your car, given that they have a license. That's what being vehicle insured means...

There are cases where the insurance follows the driver, but it's just more common to see insurances that stay with the designated vehicle. In the case of the latter, a homeless you just ran into could drive your car with permission and would still be covered by the insurance.


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So I feel like the information you're sharing is very inconsistent with each of the comments. In your original post, you made it sound like the car was under operation by the mother/grandmother and that it was in good standings in terms of insurance except that your niece was no longer on there. If the car was being stored and not operated, and only had enough insurance to protect it in its parked place, then it is no surprise that the insurance company is not willing to cover for the damages that was caused while in operation.


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Because the insurance companies usually knows who is living in the household. Living in the household together means more likelihood of driving the vehicle, so the insurance companies usually ask you to either include them in your insurance or for a written statement that they would not drive the vehicle.


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Snap is owned by Meta. Just saying your list is a little redundant.

And Twitter is purposefully "jeopardized." Elon specifically said he wants to significantly reduce the number of employees at Twitter, by 75%!! All those people quitting and taking severance pay? This is what he wanted. And he's going to make Twitter private.