LeZarathustra t1_iyac5rg wrote

My father's cousin grew up in West Berlin (I think he was 5 or so when the wall was built around him). So he grew up to be an anarchist and punk. He spent the first 30 years or so of his life inside that wall.

Nowadays he's in his late 70's or so. He keeps his hair short and beard trimmed, but still wears the classic leather jacket and boots.

My german is so-so, and he doesn't speak english or swedish (which is my mother tounge), so it's a bit difficult to hold conversations, but this picture made me remember the one time he said something in english.

He was driving me and my dad around Berlin, giving us a bit of a tour, when a patrol car passed us. He makes a rude gesture and loudly exclaims "Fuck the police!".

I've only ever heard him speak german before and since, but I love that he still keeps it real after all these years.