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This is what it's all about. Delicious. Amazing presentation. This would cost so much at a restaurant for the presentation alone. Next time someone wants to post and tag themselves as "pro" take note of how natural that food looks. Good plating looks a LITTLE chaotic but not over orchestrated, just like this. Almost as if the food gently floated down from the sky onto the plate. The grouper and the garnishes look like they are just napping together. The shrimp is everywhere it needs to be. Wonderful.

THIS is professional presentation. People that can do this get paid the big bucks.


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Dude that's not even that crazy, a LOT of people don't even know that HPV isn't herpes and that a canker sore isn't a cold sore. It's insane how much education a lot of people grew up with in modern times yet many adults are still super uninformed about STDs and just go off of hearsay or what a parent told them long ago.


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You look old for a LOT longer than you look young. Willie Nelson still basically looks like this 40 years later. A person definitely looks like their "old" self for what seems like most of their life, remember that so you can try to take care of yourself a bit and look pretty good when you hit middle age.


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Basically the grocery stores started arranging shit like this for people to get their groceries based on their habits. It's called "lifestyle shopping" or something like that. It's supposed to be more modern and personalized but in practice it turns into a seemingly random mess.

It's because of stupid Trader Joes and Whole Foods and how they arrange stuff. Now every normal grocery store does it and it's fucking frustrating. They will literally separate everything so you find 1 brand of something on one end of the store but have to look all over for where they put another similar brand or type because it's been put on the shelf with other items that their data tells them are bought together.

Just like how your YouTube or Netflix algorithm is often pretty wrong about suggesting what you actually want to watch, leading to you having to dig through bad recommendations, whatever metrics the stores use lead to some really stupid and random things being put together. One store near me had olive oil in 4 different sections, all different types, some with the cheese, some in the bread aisle, some near produce and lastly some in the FUCKING COOKING OIL SECTION WHERE OLIVE OIL GOES.

A person looking for that type of bacon is going to look in the fucking bacon section and not fucking see it and assume they don't have it because they aren't buying produce that day and aren't going to notice this stupid "convenient" display.


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BUT my point was more a direct answer to the sentiment that Dylan is "overrated", not that he necessarily invented all modern music. I was talking about his impact specifically. Which was huge.


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Pretentious is tough because I think the pretentiousness comes more from the art assuming it's connecting with you or blowing your mind vs the art just being itself. I find Dylan to be unpretentious in that you are sort of tuning into the world of Bob Dylan when you're listening, he's not really telling you he's great or that he's making anthems, the songs BECAME that with their impact.

Pretentious, to me personally is more like "we built this city" by Starship. The shitty unclear direction of the lyrics with lines like "corporation names" rhymed with "corporation names", the phony forced anthemic production, the song crosses its arms at you and says "Isn't this great? Aren't we speaking directly to you right now!?"


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It's always that need to get the songs out that leads to the singing. I wanted to "be in a band" since I could remember. It's tough when there's diminishing returns and you slowly stop getting back what you're putting in. I totally understand quitting. I'm just hoping to maybe end up like Guided By Voices or something and make something decent in my mid 30s maybe with my wife singing or something lol. I sang best with a pitchy sorta of high voice and age sorta changed it so I kind of have to redevelop all that stuff.

It's hard. You want to do it and get in front of people with your songs more than anything but time goes fast and regular jobs just absorb you.


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But depth and insight changes! Those things are fluid. There may be a time in your life where that specific song doesn't click the way something else does.

How do we measure insight and depth.


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It's just comparison is tough! With Cohen for example I'm pretty sure artists like Dylan, with their awkward singing and weaving lyrics, inspired him personally to move towards music after being a published poet.

It's just i feel dylans work begat Cohens work, and while it's not illegal to compare I tend to try to separate even super similar artists on their own merits if that makes sense.


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Who said anything about writing a lot of songs? I feel like you know your argument has no gas and you're just being a contrarian at this point.

Who's to say that more popular party music is automatically better? Most people at a party want to listen to fun popular songs, obviously mj and Elvis work better as party music for a general audience, but if those are the metrics you are using then why are we even having this discussion?

You're trying to discredit my argument by presenting an argument that is weak. "Whats better for a party" or whats more popular wasn't what the discussion was about and you're trying to pivot and accusing me of googling things. Terrible.


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Also is this an accusation or a question? You're all over the place. In one post Bob Dylan is below you and "just rambles" and in another you're bragging that you can play his music on guitar.


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LOL no I obsessively fix and add stuff. This is offhand shit I know because I admittedly spent more time reading about music history than learning a skill. I see why you'd think that but I'm just a big editor.


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Elvis was a very historically important late 50s rock and roll performer and dancer who sang COVER songs. He was more comparable to Michael Jackson.

Elvis also colluded with the Nixon administration to spread misinformation about Marijuana usage and communism to stop kids from listening to bands like The Beatles and Bob Dylan because they were a threat to his waining popularity in the mid 60s (even though he himself was a drug abuser and died from being gluttonous with food and drugs).

Songwriting is a different ballgame. Also you're not really bringing anything to the table by mentioning Elvis. He has nothing to do with Bob Dylans impact specifically which is what I was explaining.

You basically took your chess piece off the board and put rhinestones and a little pompadour wig on it and yelled checkmate. Some advice for you is to stop comparing artists. It's a really tired argument to say "THIS song is so much BETTER than THAT one". You're limiting yourself by not viewing art objectively and looking at it with more of a sports mindset of who is "better" than who.


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I'm shillin for Dylan. I understand not liking Bob Dylan, not everything the man does is good or listenable, but terms like overrated just don't work on an artistic and media presence of his level.

There's a reason he is so highly regarded, he developed on a folk sound that already existed and brought it to a level that people hadn't seen before. It was really insane and unheard of for a person to just bang on a guitar saying the stuff he was saying. He was combining beat-poet lyricism with rambling rock and roll all with a nutty folk troubadour/second coming of Woody Guthrie presentation. It GREATLY affected many young people and changed the way rock music was made.

Think about it, rock music went from shit like "rock around the clock" and "the monster mash" to All along the Watchtower in less than a decade.


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Both are great! John Mellancamp is overrated. Michael Bolton is overrated. Dylan was one of the earliest mainstream weirdo musicians who inspired a whole decade of music.

His songs were so well liked that they were hits for people just covering them (the byrds, Joan baez, Manfred mann). Something that's overrated lacks quality and merit but is somehow popular (creed, island boys, dj khaled).

Let me guess, you have some real hot takes on The Beatles too.