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Rabbit Isles Naval incident

American squadron commanded by Admiral Julius Cristo defeated the French squadron commanded by Admiral Gaston de St. Croix. Rabbit Thief captured by French Socialite Madame LaFontaine and imprisoned on Paradis De mer. Major Tactical American victory, though Paradis De Mer remained in French hands and Americans failed to capture the rabbit Thief. Admiral Gaston St Croix, Captain St Croix ( admirals younger brother), ships Le Mercure, La Moulin Rouge, Le Grand Vanquier captured. No American loss of ships.

1791: A portal to another world opened within the Bermuda Triangle, a whole other ocean was discovered therein where sea monsters and strange creatures previously thought to be myth exist. The Strange Seas as they are called became contested by The US, France, Spain, Pirates and the Cursed.

One such area a group of islands was contested between the American forces and the French, with the fortress of Thompson's Island serving as the American hq one side and Paradis De Mer serving as the French headquarters on the other. At the same time a rabbit Thief who had angered both sides was spotted in the area with both sides vowing to capture the thief.


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In a college history class, I failed to catch that my free MS Word clone spell check had rendered "protestants" as prostates, and Nazi Socialist Party as "Nazi Vocalist Party". The professor somehow missed that the Mexican-Vietnam war should have been Mexican American War on a test.

Edit: Sideous was smarter than Darth Plagueus the wise.. 🤣