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You can't patent a recipe, babes. Besides, the original Coca-Cola was made with coca leaves (think "cocaine"). I understand they still use those for flavoring after removing the active ingredient, which really takes all the fun out of it.


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Is this a massive political crisis in Australia? Or more the usual crazed gibberish to distract you from what they're actually doing? Have they decided to set the Great Barrier Reef on fire?

Do the guys stop off at the pub once a week for a pint of "cream ale"? I mean, how much sperm donation is really going on, here?


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Is the complaint here that she didn't build a marketing machine, form a monopoly on psilocybin, and die richer than Elon Musk?

I don't see where her "community's rituals" enter into it. All you do is eat a plant. This is not complicated.


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With all due respect (very little), most of the world that you can live in has been lived in for thousands of years, and you will always have to deal with the fact that you'd like to live there too.

We can't just exterminate everyone to make the world a lovely museum and, if you want to see level 11 of Crete, you're going to have to go through the 23 levels above it first, anyway. London, Paris, Athens and Rome are built over such incredible history, you have no idea. That goes for about everywhere else as well.

Record what you can.