LeavingTheCradle t1_iuw04w5 wrote

Language is just hieroglyphics and hieroglyphics is just a way of generating differential between 1 and 0.

So yes and no? For humanity what language ends up being human is to be preserved. Growth should be defined by humanity itself and not the AGI.

Think how natural languages evolve over time. F.x slang becomes language if adopted over enough time. This all has to be led by humanity.

As new abilities become available and humanity gives a name to it then that name that is given becomes a human name. So it follows that languages should be protected and preserved over time.

The feelings and experiences that would be new could possibly not be representable to a human unless the person becomes as you say post-human. But there's still going to be limitations to that. Especially as we consider long lasting consciousness and changes that happen to it over time.

F.x. when you think of a conscious blob of goo what do you do with a person's knowledge and understanding that he has always had arms and legs?

If the person's neural network is born into being a conscious blob of goo then it's not so much a problem.

On your last point I disagree since it contradicts your first statement slightly. It a neo human has to develop a new model for interacting with the metaphysical world then hunger can just be thrown out with the bathwater so to speak.


LeavingTheCradle t1_iuvpkv3 wrote

No tricks needed we will simply choose to adopt the metaphysical world. And that's what a VR experience without a physical body to retreat to would be. A metaphysical way of living. Art and reality would be one and tbe same.

But depending on how the AGI is aligned it can either guide humanity on a path of optimization or towards a path of preservation.

A human without a body and living In a world that has eschewed the natural laws would eventually cease to be human.

F.x. a teleporting human wouldn't be human at all but a post-human.

So should you starve in the metaphysical world to preserve hunger?